Brexit - Our contingency plans


As we draw near to 29th March, Managing Director, Richard Thelwell, speaks of our contingency plans should there be disruption to supply with the impending Brexit.

“JIS Europe has always held a policy of stockholding should there be the inevitable niggles that lead to disruption in supply, this has held us in good stead in years gone by, with the possibility of potentially severe delays come April we have further extended our stock holdings.  We are now confident we can deal with any potential supply issues and even an increase in demand.”
“We have always appreciated that whatever size your development may be, to have a workforce sitting about waiting on product with the resultant delay in completion, the disruption to the chain of work, trades inevitably waiting on other trades, leading to drastically reduced performance and obviously wasted labour cost is the last thing any developer wants to be faced with.  This has been a strength, in that we have often been able to last minute supply, where others have failed and in light of that, and the strength of the product itself, we have then gone on to further supply new development for that particular developer/architect.”
“No-one knows what disruption will happen come April but a policy of stockholding has always been a policy of strength for JIS.”
Richard Thelwell
Managing Director
JIS Europe Ltd, Supplier of stainless steel towel rails

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