The Sussex Range – Technical Specifications

  • All rails available in Central Heating, Electric Only or Dual Fuel.
  • 100% Stainless Steel rails will not rust or corrode. 
  • Rails have 25 Year Guarantee, Valves 5 Year, Element 1 year.
  • Tech sheet showing dimensions for each product are located to the right side of the RRP on each product page.

Materials of Construction

All our towel rails are constructed from 100% stainless steel including the brackets. Stainless steel rails will not rust, flake or corrode* and small marks can be removed (polished finish only), making this a durable choice. There are no chemical plating processes in the manufacture of stainless steel significantly reducing the environmental impact of production compared with chrome plated rails.  It is made from over 90% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. The Towel rails are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel with grade 316 grade (marine grade) welds. The Black Edition Towel Rails are manufactured from 100% stainless steel as above and then powder coated black.

*Under normal operating conditions.


Most of our rails are sent with Standard Brackets at 85mm, but can be sent with Short Brackets at 60mm at no extra cost if ordered with the rail. These rails also have a choice to use a stainless steel telescopic Adjustable Bracket which extends between 60-85mm, which is an extra cost, as shown here.

Please click here for rail projections, all the measurements with an * are available with the above options.

The remainder of rails come with their own specific brackets, please check the above sheet, or the rail page to see the overall projections.

Central Heating

  • Pipe Centres – Please click here for full details of pipe centres for all models.
  • All Models are constructed from 100% stainless steel thus are suitable for any plumbing system including open/hot water systems.
  • All rails are pressure tested to 12 bar at two separate stages during production.
  • All rails have been fitted with half inch BSP female tapings.
  • BTU/Watt output figures quoted on all our products are based on T=60K.
  • Please consult a plumber or a heating engineer to accurately calculate the output needed for your project.
  • We recommend that all plumbing work is carried out by a qualified plumber

Electric Elements

  • All elements have an in-built thermostat to ensure safety.
  • Elements are fitted as standard to the right hand side of the rail/radiator. A left hand option is available for the majority of rails on request. Please note the Goodwood and Hickstead will have the element on the Left side unless requested.
  • Please allow an extra 90mm minimum at the bottom of your rail for the elements.
  • Length of flex is 1M long. Please contact us if you require a longer flex.
  • All elements need to be wired to a 5 amp fuse.
  • IP rating – All of our elements are IP55 rated.
  • Electric elements are guaranteed for 1year.
  • The Rye and Mayfield rails have their own specific element options, see rail page for information.
  • The Fletching Floor to Wall and Midhurst rails can only be fitted with the Standard Element option as the element sits under the floor.
  • IMPORTANT! Elements must be installed at the bottom of the rail.
  • IMPORTANT! Never dry test an element they must be immersed in water at all times; dry testing will cause the safety fuse to blow and will invalidate the guarantee.
Note: It is now law that all electrical work carried out in the bathroom by a qualified electrician in accordance with I.E.E. wiring regulations.

Dual Fuel Option

You can view a guide to Dual Fuel options here.
  • Dual Fuel format means the rail is heated via your Central Heating in winter and electrically heated with an element in summer, when your Central Heating is off.
  • Dual Fuel kits are comprised of an electric element and a chrome plated T-Piece which allows an element and central heating valve to be connected to the same side of the towel rail/radiator.
  • We also offer Dual Fuel Valves (when pipes are coming from the wall) which eliminate the need for a t-piece, keeping the installation symmetrical, providing a neater finish.
  • All towel rails have been designed to allow an element to be inserted into the right hand side of the rail; a left hand option is available on request on all rails except the Fletching. Please note the Goodwood and Hickstead will have the element on the Left side unless requested.
  • Rails which have separate inputs for valves and element are the Fletching, Rye and Midhurst models.


There is a 25 year guarantee against manufacturing defects for all towel rail bodies. Proof of purchase is required for repair or replacement. The guarantee does not extend to fitting costs & delivery charges. Electric elements have a 1 year guarantee. All valves have a 5 year guarantee. The Black Edition Towel Rails carry a 25 year guarantee on the body and 5 years on the finish. In order to ascertain the issue rails must be returned to us for inspection, we will then provide a repair or replacement for any manufacturing defects.