Policy of Sustainability


JIS Europe reminds us of their policy of sustainability and how sustainability is fast becoming the key factor for the businesses of today going forward into the businesses of tomorrow.
What is sustainability?  Sustainability can be best described as businesses meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet the needs of the future.  It has three main pillars: economic, environmental and social.  People, Planet and Profits.
We formulated our business based on these three premises over twenty years ago.  We still, more than ever, hold to these principles.
Stainless steel is the environmentally sound choice, it is made from over 90% recycled product and is 100% recyclable in itself.  It is durable.  It will not rust, flake or corrode, your stainless steel rail when it does eventually end its life, which should not be for some 25 years plus, it will not end up in landfill. 
Unlike the manufacture of mild steel, chromed finish towel rails there are no harmful chemical plating processes involved in the manufacturing of stainless steel rails, they are merely polished or satinised.  These chemicals are not always disposed of in the most ethical of manners often simply tipped into the nearest local river.
Our rails are sourced ethically, we do not source from countries that do not adhere to the principals we adhere to.  We believe in fair pay for a fair days work.  We stand by this.
We are a business and we run for profit however we keep our margins reasonable and donate to a program of 12 diverse charities a year and have our formal charity initiative with the Rye rail, donating £20 from our profits for the sale of each rail to the Wild at Heart foundation.
We believe we are the environmental, ethical choice.  It is the choices we make today that lead to the choices of tomorrow.
It’s not a hard choice, we offer good product, balanced design, next day delivery on goods held in stock, our customer service is excellent and you are dealing with a company that will ensure the companies and society to come are in fact sustainable for all of our children’s tomorrows.

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