Arun Range

Model: Dimensions: BTU: Watts: RRP*: Tech Sheet:
Arun 1460 x 275 1460 x 275mm 2154 631 £695.95 View
Arun 1460 x 360 1460 x 360mm 2839 832 £795.95 View
Arun 1460 x 535 1460 x 535mm 3677 1077 £1,049 .95 View
Arun 1960 x 275 1960 x 275mm 2805 822 £945.95 View
Arun 1960 x 360 1960 x 360mm 3715 1088 £1,095 .95 View
Arun 1960 x 535 1960 x 535mm 4210 1234 £1,195 .95 View

Prices and information shown are for central heating version, with polished finish. All models are available as central heating, dual fuel and electric only versions.

Satin Finish is available at no extra cost, please call to check availability.

Additional Information

Pipe Centres: For pipe centres, please subtract 60mm from width.

If using a Dual Fuel Kit without Dual Fuel Valves please click here for pipe centres.

Projection: The total projection is 80mm

Brackets: The Arun range comes with its own brackets

The Arun model can be mounted both vertically and horizontally. Please click here to see the Arun mounted horizontally.

For our Arun range we offer optional towel hangers for when the rail is vertically mounted. These can be added to the front of the model making them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

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